Redefine Employee Healthcare

AkosMD empowers the Employers to customize highly flexible healthcare & wellness solutions for various levels of employees, depending on budget, age profile & specific needs .

Enhance Value of Health Covarage

AkosMD offers tech-based, innovative and cost effective healthcare & wellness product suites, enabling health insurers to enhance client value through wider offerings.

Cutting-Edge & Global Health-Tech Platform

AkosMD integrates global health-tech platforms, that are operating successfully in the USA, with wide network of providers to create a healthcare value chain.

Comprehensive Tele-med Platform

Modern Medicine Meets Modern Convenience

Our integrated platform and AI based Kiosks is designed with a simple and practical layout to guide the user to the next step minimizing guesswork making virtual consultations seamless. Patients have access to all their medical needs in one patient portal.

Health and Wellness

Your Key to Employee Welfare

Our virtual consults and AI based Kiosks help employees return to work faster. Our plans, customised for different categories of employees, takes care of healthcare needs of entire family. Our focus is on preventive healthcare with wellness, fitness and lifestyle solutions for improved overall employee health. We help you save cost and time spent on employee health benefits.

Value added product

Expand your Product Horizon

Our Akos offers cost effective product suits to cover non-IPD health and wellness needs, which are generally not covered by traditional health Insurance products. Product suits can be complemented with the traditional health insurance products which can add substantial value for insurers. Our data analytics can help to improve the product's value proposition.


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